Why call a Display Case Company "Smiling Bee"?

Smiling Bee Woodworks is a strange name for a display case company. So why did we choose it? In addition to making the finest inlaid display cases  around, we also keep a million or so bees in two counties here in Southern Indiana. 

Our girls produce hundreds of pounds of local honey each year by visiting flowers all over the hills of southern Johnson County and the famous Brown County. We keep a few of our hives behind the Smiling Bee shop, so most of the time there is at least one bee smiling at us while we work!

Springtime in Indiana is swarm season, when hives split to create new colonies. We are an Indiana DNR listed swarm removal provider, so sometimes we find ourselves picking up a stray colony that landed where it couldn't stay. Check out this quick video of a swarm capture in a neighborhood not too far from the shop.

So now you know the story behind the name. Maybe we'll bring some local honey to the next show!